Foreplay or Shove it?

By Taliyah Amour


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C:\Users\demig\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\Creamville2.gif Foreplay is often an issue brought up in mature conversations about sex. Some people put lots of intent, time, and effort into foreplay. You know, the types that have a special plan of attack, ready to go. They could be very romantic, or just very strategic. Either way, if it feels good then it’s worth it. To others it is a brief, yet effective preliminary step. This would include things they just naturally and normally do leading up to sex, without much thought. However, foreplay can be something that occurs throughout the day, beginning well before sex is even consciously thought about or attempted. We often witness, for example, the sexual tension between men and women in movies and we all just wait for the inevitable fuck to finally take place. Furthermore, dirty or flirty texts, compliments, kisses, hugs, love-licks, playfights, etc. could all be part of foreplay for some partners. There are no limits!

It can well worth it to make that pussy cream before shoving your dick in. However, the dick can and should eventually make the pussy wet regardless. Still, I think foreplay is not all about just getting the pussy ready. It also gets her ready.



Let’s not forget about the guys. A striptease, lap dance, massage, a handjob, or a good old fashioned sloppy blowjob can really get him rock-hard and ready to fuck your brains out.

C:\Users\demig\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\creamville5.jpg Being unapologetically nasty, and a little selfish, goes a long way when it comes to foreplay. It’s all about being honest about what you like and being willing to satisfy or appeal to your partner…you know, give and take.